Kid, You Secretly Made My Day

I teach English in a Baltimore City public high school–and I love it. The standard headaches that haunt the profession obviously prevent me from finding joy at every turn and in every task, but I know always what a blessing this occupation is.

Any educator will agree that our students are what make the aforementioned headaches worth it. We want the best for them, and work feverishly to help them attain that best, though it often does not reveal itself until well in the future. But thankfully there are also the instantly gratifying aspects of teaching: the things students say and do that span the spectrum of hilarious to heart-warming.

Below is my always-growing “Kid, You Secretly Made My Day” collection of those hilarious, heart-warming things my students say and do. I truly believe that they do not realize how these moments make my day shine, that my students do not recognize their radiance–yet these are the morsels that nourish me daily. I compile them for myself to assure that I remember, but also so that I can share my students’ brilliance with others who otherwise would never know the wonders of my beloved urban adolescents. Enjoy.

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