Miss Punctuality

I’m still thinking about the kid who secretly made my day yesterday.

She arrives late to my first period class daily–because, I learned Thursday, she needs to drop her little brother off at school before taking two buses to get to her own school–and is subsequently failing English. I promised her I’d call her mom to discuss what we can do to help her meet success.

Yesterday morning, ten minutes before the start of the school day and prior to me having the chance to call her mom, I hear this student shouting down the hallway, “Where Ms. Graham at?” She all but sashayed into my room, rightfully proud of herself for making challenging changes on her own. In response, I stomped my feet, squealed and hugged her.

So she of course secretly made my day as she beamed and excitedly described the steps she took to arrive to school on time. But she also secretly made my day when, confidence robust, she admonished one of the class leaders for his vernacular when answering a question: “Can you please sound educated and not ghetto? You need to sound educated.”

That’s my girl.



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