So kids have been secretly making my day all week via these letters I asked them to write as an end-of-semester reflection. I requested they tell me what they like about my class as well as what they’d like to change. I will post some of yesterday’s later, but here are my two favorite excerpts from today:

#1 – “My feelings about this class are that the teacher (Ms.Graham) is real fun. She’s real fun than I thought she would be. What I really like about her is that she controls her class and she doesn’t let anybody ruin her.”

#2 – “Ms. Graham doesn’t just do this because she has to. She wants to be here. You can see it in her teaching quality. It takes alot to teach at this type of school. There’s kid there’s want to learn. But you have to go through sort of hell to find these students.”

Even more than the compliments, honestly, is their awareness of themselves and the situations they’re in. ♥MY.BABIES♥



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