Of Mice and Men

Today’s “Kid, You Secretly Made My Day” was actually a collective effort on the part of nearly all my students. We read the climax in “Of Mice and Men,” a book they have been captivated by since the first page, and at the exact same line in every class, there was invariably a chorus of “WHAAAAT!” “Damn!” “Oh my god.” “No he didn’t!” as a roomful of wide eyes turned to me for confirmation that yes, the words we just read were in fact real. Their reactions made my day for what it means: I love that they love reading–even if it’s just this one book, for now. And I love, actually, that they love THIS one book–a 75 year old story about two white rural men in a place none of them have ever been to. Thank you so much, Steinbeck, for your story that spans time, place and culture.


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