The opportunity to read my kids’ journals is unquestionably one of the best parts of my job. Below are two excerpts that spoke to me for very different reasons:

1 – “I feel happy and ready to learn in Ms. Gram’s class. Ms. Gram is my favorite teacher and she will always be in my heart even though she gets on my nerves, but that does not matter.”

~> I almost told her that the feeling was mutual.


2 – “But I try to hide how I’m feeling often because I always take my anger out on people that’s not responsible for what’s going on in my cruel, evil, full of hate, anger, sad, mad, bipolar life.”

~> from the journal of one of my more articulate/self-aware babies. Please pray for her and all of the kids who feel like their lives are a mess and they just don’t know where to begin to fix it.

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