Election Season

One of the most sobering moments of this election season was watching my students realize that if Romney is elected, their families will lose their food stamps and other vital services they currently receive. The betrayal on my kids’ faces and in their protests as they processed this (“But that’s how we EAT!”) very nearly broke my heart.

And so I understand their outrage at the prospect of him leading our country. When the elections came up (again) in my second period class today, one student asked if I would be voting for Obama. I vehemently replied, “Yes!”

Then I watched this student smile–the kind of smile you see on a small child’s face when you have given them a gift they never thought they would receive. It was a smile of very simple, very plain pleasure.
This student has told me repeatedly that he doesn’t like me. So to see him smile like that in response to just a single word I said completely. And totally. (And of course secretly.) Made. My. Day.



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