Ms. Graham’s Class

Today’s “Kid, You Secretly Made My Day” reminded me that I won’t have many more of them before the end of the school year. One of my girls from 5th period wrote the following in her reflection about this school year:

“I enjoyed my time in Ms. Graham’s English II class. It was my pleasure to be in her presence and to hear her beat knowledge into not only my skull but my other classmates’ skulls. I can honestly say she has prepared me for English III next year. Ms. G is one of those teachers that doesn’t give up on her students. She wants to see all of us make it in this world. One thing I will remember the most from Ms. Graham’s class is finding out she had a swagger certificate. You know what that mean: she’s officially swagged out. I love and will miss you, Ms. G. Keep up the good work and show them freshman you don’t play.”

When she handed it to me, she said, “I think you’re gonna like it.” (She was right.)


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