Report Cards

The kids got report cards today, so I figured it was only fair if they gave me one, too. Following are my cumulative grades and some of my favorite comments.

*I can tell Ms. Graham cares about me = 3.57 (“Your are their when I need help, when I needed to talk you are just there, and I really appreciate it;” “You try to help me even though I barely listen;” “Tells me you love me. P.S. Love you too;” “Because she chooses her job to teach;” “She tells me good stuff to better my intelligents;” “Because she keep on say on stuff to me.”)

*After I ask for help, Ms. Graham gave me the help I need = 3.5 (“That’s a always!” “She helps me because she care;” “Because shes a great teacher, and thats why shes hear to help us, and to teach us.”)

*Ms. Graham teaches English in a way I understand = 2.7 (“Yes she does I totally agree;” “I like watching movies i dont always like writing but I understand it’s a English class;” “I give you an A because I think this class is very understanding, I don’t want to say easy, but it’s understanding and on my level;” “I understand all the things you teacher;” “Dont understand nuffin.”

Looks like we all have some work to do.



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